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  1. What is Esacco ?

Esacco is a financial software solution tailor made for Micro Finance institutions. Esacco has various versions targeting the different Micro Finance institutions. Targeted Micro Finance institution include Saving and Credit Organization (SACCOs), Cooperatives, Micro banks, Welfare and Benefits organizations, Chamas. Currently some of the Micro Finance Institutions that have adopted Esacco include; Saving and Credit Saccos, Matatu Saccos, Housing Cooperatives, Employee Welfare, Chama& Micro banks.

  1. What does 'Esacco is a Web-based software' mean ?

A Web-based software refer to an application that is accessed via web browser.

  1. Do I need to have internet connection to use Esacco ?

Esacco users dont necessary need internet to use Esacco, however internet requirement depend on the software deployment mode. There are two common deployment modes for Esacco; Premises based and Software as a Service (SaaS). Premises based deployment mode involve deploying Esacco in the client server located within the organization. Premises based deployed Esacco can be accessible within the organization over the network. Premises based is ideal for one branched organizations that are ready to invest in a server and a network set up.Premises based Esacco require a one-off installation fee and an optional annual support contract. Saas deployment mode refer to accessing Esacco from our dedicated servers. Saas is charged monthly, there are various packages available for clients. Users require full-time internet to adopt Saas mode Esacco, for access from Esacco Servers. Organizations utilizing Saas Esacco dont require to invest in servers and expensive network set up.Saas is ideal for small Micro Finances or multiple branches Micro Finances institutions.

  1. I have a lot of data, what will happen to that data if I adopt Esacco ?

Esacco has professional data handlers ready to serve you anytime. We export data from your existing system, even if it is MS Excel sheet to Esacco with great expertise at a small fee. Some clients also opt to start afresh by summarizing data and posting balance carried forward to Esacco.

  1. How long will i take to know how to work with Esacco ?

Esacco is one of the simplest financial software available, it is as easy as Facebook. A day tour through the features is enough to know how to use Esacco. We have user manual to assist you in training, Esacco support team is also available 24/07, listening to you on phone, chat, email and web portal.

  1. Does Esacco come with a training package ?

Yes. Training is readily available, we provide tutorial literature and videos to aid training, however on-site training is also available for Premises based Esacco. Saas users usually rely on online training resources, on site training is available on request.

  1. How old is Esacco ?

Esacco is a mature product, in stable state. Esacco was first deployed for commercial use in August 2012. Ever since Esacco has been revolving with users' needs and requirements.


  1. What is SaaS ?

Saas refer to Software as a Service, this is where software is availed for client use from Developer's server, client subscribes to use the software and pay on monthly basis. Fee charged are usually lower than the traditional premises based installation cost. Fees also depend on the features the client needs and utilizes. A client doesnot pay for SMS not unless he/she needs the SMS, the client also pays for the exact computing resources utilized.

  1. What is Premises based mode of software offering ?

Premises based mode of software offering refer to the technology of deploying the software at a client owned server. The client takes care of hardware cost of acquisition and maintenance. It may also be described as owned licence, client may subscribe for support from the software vendor or have inhouse team maintain the software. It is ideal for large clients and clients who may experience internet challenges in their operations.

  1. Is Esacco Licence transferable ?

No..Esacco Licence is not transferable. Esacco deployment team must always deal with the final client.This has been enforced after realization that every clients needs are unique and we are the best people positioned to meet those needs.

  1. Do Esacco offer Reseller opportunities ?

Yes ...Esacco offer reseller opportunity to other companies and professionals, however terms of service detail that deployment can only be done by Esacco team, to the final client.Support services and training can be handled by the reseller after undergoing training from Esacco Team.

  1. Is Esacco available for international clients ?

Yes..Esacco is available for clients from all corner of the world. Any Micro Finance or Cooperative Organization can adopt Esacco, however current versions are only available in English language.

  1. Who are the Esacco Developers ?

Esacco is a Ryanada Limited company. Ryanada Limited specializes in Enterprise Software and Business Technology Solutions in Banking & Finance, Retail, Hospitality, Health, Education among others.

Ryanada Limited also offers NadaERP, a webbased ERP application.

Visit the developers website here: Ryanada

  1. Can I use Esacco for free or trial ?

No..Currently the trial has been discontinued but will resume soon..Kindly use our online demo for trial activities, we apologize for inconveniences caused.

  1. What about accessing Esacco from my own domain, hosted next to my website ?

Yes it is possible. Esacco can be deployed to your personal cloud or hosting space and use own ip address and domain to access. This is another form of Premises based mode of deployment, this is not SaaS.

  1. Do I need another subscription when I open a new branch ?

Not necessarily Esacco is not charged on branch presence, and therefore as long as the current subscription is serving you well, you dont need to upgrade.

  1. Can I ask further questions ?

Yes..! Absolutely, if your question has not been addressed, please contact our support team via Live Chat on this website, phone, email or contact form.

  1. How much is support?

Esacco Saas subscribers are entitled 24/07 support without additional cost. Premises based clients have an option of subscribing for a support service.

  1. How is my data safe with Esacco ?

Data is 100% safe, data within Esacco is encrypted with strong algorithm which ensures data to only make sense when accessed via Esacco. Data is not accessible without Esacco installation, which ensures first degree security. Esacco employs user roles technique in managing users, in addition to user roles, all system activities are captured by audit trail.Audit trail ensures high accountability on system use. Every user must use login credentials to access the system, promoting basic security. Esacco also provide online data backup option to the clients which ensures data safety even with loss of computer.

  1. Can i integrate Esacco to existing systems ?

Esacco is a vertical system intergrable to any software. Some of previous systems intergrated with Esacco include Milk collection applications, payroll system, rent collection software, fleet management application, POS, custom accounting system, ERP and Quickbooks.

  1. Can i use my standard accounting software, Sage or Quick Books ?

Yes.! Esacco is integrable to Sage, Quick books and many others.

  1. What will happen if my computer got infected with virus ?

Worry not, as long as you are subscribed to online backup which is part of support service, your data is safe from virus attack.

  1. When is my account due ?

Saas Account is due every 5th of month, a grace period of 4 days is offered. Any account with arrears will be disconnected on the 10th of the Month.

  1. How do I pay my bill ?

Several payment options are available, clients pay via  Bank deposit, Bankers Cheques,Paypal, Pesapal ,MPESA, Airtel Money, YU cash, Orange Money,among other. Clients must select at most 2 mode of payment at any given time, official communication must always be made before changing the payment mode.All payments must be received before the specified deadline, in cases of technical challenges official communication must be made to the support team before stoppage of service

  1. Do you offer discounts ?

Yes.. discounts are available and are offered based on the client history.

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