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It’s one of the most common form of cooperative organization. The name SACCO is an acronym for Savings And Credit Cooperative Organization. Main activities include accumulation of member deposits, reinvestment of the deposit in low risk investments like Treasury Bonds, Fixed Deposit Schemes, and Real Estate among others. SACCOs also advance low interest rates and flexible credit facilities to her members. Interest from loan repayment forms one of the main sources of income. Profits at the close of a financial year may be paid back to members as dividends. SACCOs are the most common financial institutions in Eastern and Southern Africa. Esacco Microfinance system started as a SACCCO management system, among the first clients to adopt it were public transport SACCOs, Farmers SACCOs, Employees SACCOs and Multipurpose SACCOs. Esacco has revolved to accommodate all kinds of SACCOs, promoting accountability, transparency and easy compliance to regulatory policies.

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