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System administrator has two major roles user administration and system administration.

System administration

System administration involves management of global settings.

Global Settings are categorized into:

  1. Organization’s details.
  2. Settings
  3. Loan Settings

1. Organization’s details.

Organization’s Details on Esacco refer to addition and update of organization address, letterheads, (for various receipts and statements) logos, and contacts.

2. Settings

Settings involve addition and update of currency, conversion rates, lock of data from update and deletion among other general settings.

Allow easy addition of primary currency and setting of exchange rates between the different currencies.

Lock data is a provision that block any data correction attempts on the system based on the age of the data.

3. Loan Settings

Loan Setting captures all variable required while modeling a loan product. Including;

Loan Name

Allow creation of loan product by any name.

Loan Interest rates

Refers to the percentage of interest chargeable for the loan product.

Interest computation methodology (straightline, reducing balance..)

Reducing balance consider loan balance amount while charging interest while straight line charges interest based on the initial principle amount.

Interest accruing method (time based – consider time value of money or flat approach – charges predetermined interest on the next repayment irrespective of time variations)

Loan Savings factor

Defines the maximum loan for an applicant as a factor of total savings or deposit held.

Maximum Guarantor

Refer to the maximum number of guarantor that an applicant can nominate in securing a loan.


Refer to the rates of fine computation in the cases of default by the loanee.

Maximum Loan

Refer to maximum amount that can be applied by an individual applicant for that loan product

Minimum Loan

Refer to the minimum amount of loan that can be applied by an applicant under a particular loan product.


Status can be active of suspended; allow easy suspension of a loan product at any time.


User administration

User Account

Allow creation of users and setting of initial login credentials.

User Groups

Allow creation of category or groups of users with similar permissions or roles on the system e.g tellers, credit officers, e.t.c.


Involves definition of level of access and operations by various user groups on the system.


Audit Trail

It’s a function that allows monitoring and reporting of user activities on the system.

Every activity on the system is captured on a log, that among other things captures the user, time and date, ip address, activity, account affected, amounts involved if any, member or client account affected if any.

User activity Reports

A series of report that report on several things including tracking the history of a particular user, account update, member or client account activities among others.

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